Doweling by eyeball

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How I doweled my cabinet door parts together on sight for lack of a doweling kit: 1: clamp your wood exactly parallel to the edge of your work surface: 2.…

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I visited the Kröller-Müller Museum, which has the second-largest collection of Van Gogh paintings. There was a very interesting expo showing Van Gogh's work next to that of artists that…

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Tour de Geuze, 2015

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I joined a tour of Lambic and Geuze breweries. Unfortunately the weather was quite bad, and breweries tend to be dark, but here are some pictures I took. One of…

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Hajime! online edition

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Hajime! was a paper journal I self-published from 1997 to 2000. Because most of the content was written by myself, it was placed on hiatus when I started to devote…

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Schooldays’ publications

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Some academic papers and other text from my school days... Caching mechanisms can be used to prevent redundant operations during repeated execution of an automated measurement. Dataflow information, as available…

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Perspective – a point of view

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Preface When I went went looking for a nice introductory text on perspective drawing that I could recommend to others, I found several excellent descriptions of perspective theory and the…

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A quick water effect in Photoshop

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How I created the water effect in this bath sequence: I use the "ocean ripple" filter to create the water surface, but one must have something to ripple first. I…

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