Deciphering Youjo Senki – part 1: text

I love the attention to detail that went into this 12 episode series, where they invented a full alphabet with capitals and minuscules, in calligraphic, print and cursive form and complete with numbers. Most animation is content with some squiggly lines to represent text, but here all the text that briefly flashes on screen seems to actually mean something relevant.

So I had some fun deciphering the onscreen text (sometimes limited by legibility due to resolution). Most of the text is in English or a mix of English and German, and a small bit of French. The mix of English and German is used indiscriminately for both the Empire and the Republic.

Sometimes the text is mirrored and/or upside down, and often with typos, but I saw only one instance of complete gibberish. There are some instances of what appear to be in-jokes.

I almost left out the French:

Another extra, Bientot’s readout:

identification code 04 04 18 666 

observed data
operation frequency: 1523654
output pattern: awwacc
waveform amplitude: 56.00

.…and a bunch of numbers

Then there was the writing on this silly piece of merchandise:

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