Another Oshino Shinobu repaint

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This appeared to be a counterfeit figure. There were gaps between the halves of her hair and the parts of her dress, and the ribbons of her right shoe were…

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Solti Ola I

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I got this figure used at a fraction of the regular price. Of course there’s always a reason; it looks like the painter was drunk and made splatters everywhere, and…

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Sonozaki Shion repair and repaint

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I got this used Sonozaki Shion cheaply but in a pretty bad state… First step: clean up all the smudges: Fortunately she comes apart, which always makes things easier. Next…

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Instant trench gun

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With the war-themed Flower Festival I decided to turn a cheap airsoft shotgun into a Remington trench gun so I could display my vintage 1917 bayonet properly (Whoever said that…

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Asuka repaint

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This was the second ever PVC figure I bought (primarily because it was cheap and I was poor): It’s like a picture frame that can hang on the wall, or…

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3D printing woes

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I’m fed-up with google Sketchup. It took me hours to get this far: After a lot of wasted time and effort struggling with its awful interface I got something tending…

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Oshino Shinobu repaint

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Again, no "before" pictures unfortunately. For what I paid for it I was quite pleased with this figure. She came with 2 faces, so the hair is removable and the…

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Wolf Girl Miku repaint

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I lost the "before" pictures. I swapped the ribbons on her apron with the ones on her socks, I thought it looked better. And I gave her a grey wolf.…

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How to electro-engrave metal

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You need: a car battery chargerq-tipsa saturated salt solutionan metal object to engravemasking tape (plain adhesive tape works) Steps: Cover the parts of the metal object you don't want to…

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Celes Chere figure (polymer clay)

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In 2005 I made a 1/20 Celes Chere sculpture (from Final Fantasy VI) for a friend as a birthday gift. The recipient liked the "traditional" Celes but not the Amano…

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