Mizuno Ami figure repaint

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Feeling too sick to be productive, I cleaned up another figure. Here's one depicting my favorite senshi, that unfortunately had blue paint smudges in various locations: Paint on the "flesh"…

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Nagato Yuki swimsuit version

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I was lucky to get my hands on this - for a 7 year old figure this is really well done. The sculpt is attractive, the painting was expertly done…

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Misaka 9982 figure

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I mostly prefer figures that are interesting sculpture-wise, but I couldn't resist this one for capturing the character so well as she's clinging to her Gekota badge: Otherwise it's a…

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Another Asuka figure repaint

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This figure is big! Unfortunately I misplaced the "before" pictures. It wasn't *bad* aside from some really noticeable paint smudges, anyway I decided to make it better, and this is…

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Asuka figure repaint

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I've complained in the past about "crappy Chinese knockoff PVC figures", but I feel I need to set the record straight; non-knockoff straight-from-Japan figures can also be crappy (and probably…

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Megurine Luka figure repaint

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I bought this Luka "Tony version" figure online, which turned out to be a shoddy, ill-fitted bootleg with splotchy, dull, gray-ish paint job: So I cut it apart and repainted…

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3D mesh generator

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I've tried several free programs to convert a height map into a 3D mesh, and I finally found one that sort of works: Extrudy It's a bit weird to use,…

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“Celtic sword“ rework

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I bought this sword when it was heavily discounted because a store closed, but there was much I disliked about it. Its blade is much too heavy, it’s also blunt,…

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Bloemenstoet 2016

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The theme this year was the Great War, so I built a Vickers M18 machinegun As an amusing aside, I tried to sell the thing afterwards on a 2nd-hand site…

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