Another Bulma repaint

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In the same "Glitter and Glamours" series as that Lunch figure came this big Bulma. I'm not as thrilled about the engineering of this one; they made her left leg…

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Lunch figure (re)paint

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Recently I'm noticing an interesting evolution in PVC figures, where it seems much attention is placed on cutting down painting effort, by designing the figure to break down into single-color…

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Bulma figure repaint

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This poor knock-off of a Banpresto Bulma holding her Dragonball detector has some interesting detailing so I thought it would be fun to repaint, but the mold quality was quite…

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Another C18

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Another $9 DBZ figure. I gave it only a quick paint job because her left hand is somewhat misshapen. The base with all the rivets and details was fun to…

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Another C18 repaint

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DragonBall figures are plentiful and cheap, it’s really quite unfair that a 30 year old franchise still gets new merchandise today while some of my favorite series never even got…

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C18 Lazuli repaint (semi-tutorial)

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I nabbed a C18 figure, it’s really tiny (12cm/4.5″) and pretty cute in her RR uniform. The figure breaks down in 3 pieces (legs, skirt, upper body) so it fits…

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