Yuumura Kirika’s ID

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When I looked for a good picture of Yuumura Kirika's school ID card I found there wasn't any. So I collected what was available and extrapolated the rest. There isn't…

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3D printing woes

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I’m fed-up with google Sketchup. It took me hours to get this far: After a lot of wasted time and effort struggling with its awful interface I got something tending…

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Souvenir Noir

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My first attempt at a digital comic was this fan comic for Noir. Noir and its characters belong to Bee Train (not me) and are used without permission, all rights…

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some Noir fanart I made

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Noir was a 26-episode anime TV series produced in 2001 by Bee Train. It was directed by Kōichi Mashimo, written by Ryoe Tsukimura, and the soundtrack was composed by Yuki…

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