“Celtic sword“ rework

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I bought this sword when it was heavily discounted because a store closed, but there was much I disliked about it. Its blade is much too heavy, it’s also blunt,…

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Bloemenstoet 2016

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The theme this year was the Great War, so I built a Vickers M18 machinegun As an amusing aside, I tried to sell the thing afterwards on a 2nd-hand site…

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Bloemenstoet 2015

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The parade this year was WWII-themed, but initial information mentioned 14-18 so I built a biplane. I also made a banner from leftovers: Unfortunately it rained overnight, the cardboard supporting…

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Arms and armor

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Some of my older photo collections of arms, armor and related subjects photographs I took in various museums. The Armory of the dukes of Burgundy in BrusselsThe Adolphe Neyt arms…

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