Asuka repaint

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This was the second ever PVC figure I bought (primarily because it was cheap and I was poor): It’s like a picture frame that can hang on the wall, or…

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Another Asuka figure repaint

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This figure is big! Unfortunately I misplaced the "before" pictures. It wasn't *bad* aside from some really noticeable paint smudges, anyway I decided to make it better, and this is…

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Another EVA figure

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For a change of pace, here's a figure that I don't feel I need to repaint immediately ^_^; I got it used from Japan for cheap. It's Chinese made, but…

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Asuka figure repaint

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I've complained in the past about "crappy Chinese knockoff PVC figures", but I feel I need to set the record straight; non-knockoff straight-from-Japan figures can also be crappy (and probably…

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