C18 Lazuli repaint (semi-tutorial)

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I nabbed a C18 figure, it’s really tiny (12cm/4.5″) and pretty cute in her RR uniform. The figure breaks down in 3 pieces (legs, skirt, upper body) so it fits…

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How to electro-engrave metal

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You need: a car battery chargerq-tipsa saturated salt solutionan metal object to engravemasking tape (plain adhesive tape works) Steps: Cover the parts of the metal object you don't want to…

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IKEA hack: Ordning Wake-up Light

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Description: I like waking up with a dawn simulator alarm clock, but unfortunately the one I have has controls that are less than user-friendly. What I’d really want is a…

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IKEA hack: built-in LEDBERG

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Materials: Ledberg (2 units) Description: I wanted to put LED lighting under my kitchen cabinets on the cheap, so I bought 2 Ledberg units. But once home I encountered 2…

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IKEA hack: Twin Kvarna

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I wanted some light for my computer desk, and I like the Kvarna because it  doesn’t take much space, but I didn’t like that the light is so close to…

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IKEA hack: NOT/BLANDA lamp

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Materials: – NOT lamp – BLANDA Blank salad bowl – FIXA hole-cutting thingy Description: This hack is pretty self-explanatory. I have one of the old silver NOT lamps, and after…

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