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When Adversarium is holding something in his fist, grab his hand with both your hands, pull down strongly, and headbutt him in the face [at least that's what I think the obscure phrase means - the goat bit him in the veins of the head?], as in N 36.

Grab Adversario with your left or right hand by the throat and strongly push it, as in N 37.

Kick Adversarium with your right foot to his right knee, breaking it, as shown in N 38.

Or with your left foot to his left knee.

When Adversarius wants to break your knee in this way, so draw back your foot, grab his foot with both hands, and throw him, as shown in N 39.

When Adversarius grabs your coat from the front, so free yourself with your elbows, grab both his legs, place your head against his body, and throw him backwards, as in N 40.

Take Advers. by his right hand with your right hand, twist it inwards, and with your left hand strike his arm in two, as in N 41.

So also with the other hand.

When Adversarius thus breaks your right arm [I assume the author means "wants to break your right arm"], free yourself by striking his face with your right elbow, as in N 42.

So also with the left elbow.

Grab with your right hand Adversarii right hand, pull it towards you, and break his arm with your left hand, as shown in N 43 [here the arm seems to be twisted in the opposite direction, compared to the previous techniques, and the elbow is struck from below].

So also with the other hand.

The Contra, turn your arm and free it as N 44 shows, or strike Adversario with your elbow on the face.

Grip Adversarii right arm with both hands, bring the same on your right shoulder, and break it as in N 45a.

The Contra, turn the arm, grab his left foot with your left hand, and throw him over your right leg, as in N 45b. [a very similar counter is given in Flos Duellatorum by Fiore Dei Liberi, 1410]

Grip Adversarii left arm with both hands, bring the same on your left shoulder, and break it.

The Contra, as before.

Or turn turn the arm and place the knee on the back of Adversarii knee, and pull him down on his back, as in N 46 [the drawing doesn't show the knee part].

When Adversarius grasps you with both hands at the strong of your arms, break the grip of his left hand outwards, and at the same time throw your right arm around his body under his arm, jump with your right hip in front of his body, as in N 47, and throw him [looks like a o-goshi hip throw].

The same over your left hip.

Grab Adversarium inwards, and push him, as in N 48.

The Contra, place your feet and push back, as in N 49.

Place your head against Adversarii body, as in N 50, and run him over.

The Contra, push his head down, and grab him by the back of his pants, so he falls on his head, as in N 51.

Or strike his face with your knee as in N 52.

Insert your head between Adversarii legs, and throw him over you, as in N 53.

The Contra, grab the back of his pants, so he falls on his face, as shown in N 51.

Place your head against Adversarii body, grab behind his knees with both hands, as in N 54, and throw him behind you.

The Contra as in N 52 [the print said 25, this was erased and corrected by hand].

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