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On the Breast-Holds in another way

In this part the breast-holds are countered in an entirely different way, for which reason this part is separated from the previous one, as in the previous part the hold is forced loose by a countergrip, and here it happens as follows.


H grasps G on the breast, G strikes with his left hand the hand of H loose from inside his arm, and grasps with the right hand behind the sleeve of this arm that was struck loose, and so this hand is removed from his breast.


H brings his left hand inside his arm that was struck loose, and turns away a little, so he now stands partly behind G. Having taken this strong position, H can force G to fall forward or otherwise as pleases him.


G realising that he must fall forward, strikes up the left leg of H with his right leg, so the lock by H's hand looses its power, and is instead caught by G in the bend of his right arm. H being thus controlled is in serious danger of having his squeezed hand broken.


To avert this imminent disaster, G gives H such a push with his leg, that he can quickly grasp G outside his arm, with his right hand on top of G's arm and his left hand under his elbow, thus forcing him backward. In this way the legsweep by G, that would have dropped H, is neutralised.