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How someone, being in a fight with another, can be carried off.

These techniques offer sweet pleasure to any who see them executed, and being both amusing and amazing, these instructions deserve special attention; as the result is carrying off someone who is most often in great rage against the one he was fighting, yet for all his anger must suffer himself to be carried away helpless. This trick has often been carried out by the author. [this pun is not in the original.] [Sydney Anglo, in his book, interprets the use of "Aenschouwer" in this section, which could be translated as "spectator", to mean that Petter wrote about spectator sport. However, the word can just mean "onlooker" and as the heading specifically refers to carrying off someone who is in a fight with another, third person, I think his interpretation is flawed.]

N. 1.

J and K are ready to come to grips, K threatens J with a punch, then J grasps with his right hand the left wrist of K, bends down and puts his left hand behind the knee of K, and pulling the left arm of K over his shoulder, he can carry him to wherever he wants him.


If K doesn't see it coming, he will be lifted on J's shoulder, and he can be carried of easily, even if he is bigger and heavier than J.


If K knows this trick, he will push down on the head of J, making it impossible for J to lift him.


J feeling that is head is pushed down, pulls the left hand of K to the outside, and pulling back his head, lifts with his left hand the left leg of K, and throws him on the back.