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N. 1. On strongly gripping Shoulders and Neck, with Leg-sweeps.

When N and O have gripped each other at the upper part of the arms by the shoulders, they both wrestle to weaken the other above, then seeking the legs below, and if N through greater strength is able to bend O over to the side, he takes this opportunity to sweep the right leg of O with his left foot. [The layout inconsistency here is also in the original]

2. But O is expecting this, and raises his leg so N's foot misses and passes under it, upon which O places his raised foot behind the leg of N, of which the foot tried to sweep him, as then he has a chance to sweep this, and throw N down.

3. This N will prevent by letting go of O's arm with his right hand, and grabbing the left shoulder with it inside the arms, then quickly throwing his left arm around O's neck, forces him down, having placed his left leg behind the same leg of his opponent, thus pushing him backwards.

4. As O feels that he can not remain standing, lets go completely his left hand from N's shoulder, and with his right hand lowered to the hips of N, he drops down on the left knee, and grasps with his left hand the lower leg of N, above the right foot, and holding this, throws him by pushing back his upper body with the right hand.

5. This last technique is special, in that it allows one to quickly throw ones opponent without effort; here O, standing close to N, strongly places his left foot behind the left leg of N, and quickly grabs his throat over his arms, throwing him grandly on the back.