Rome 2000 – Pantheon

The largest un-reinforced concrete dome on Earth. I made a few visits at different times of day, there always seemed to be something going on. this is the rear side…

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Rome 2000 – Aula Ottagona

This was part of the therms of Diocletian. It housed miscellaneous sculptures including two famous bronzes from the therms of Constantine.

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Rome 2000 – Musea Vaticana

This place is enormous, I completely skipped any parts - such as the Sistine chapel - where I had to wait in line, and still spent almost a whole day…

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Rome 2000 – Museo Nazionale

The museum was founded in 1889 with the aim of collecting together all the pre-Roman antiquities of Latium, southern Etruria and Umbria belonging to the Etruscan and Faliscan civilizations. lots…

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Rome 2000 – Musei Capitolini

In 1471, Pope Sixtus IV donated a collection of important ancient bronzes to the people of Rome and located them on the Capitoline Hill. Since then, the museums' collection has…

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