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On techniques wherein one's strength is used to defeat the other

N. 1.

E grips F under the arms, and F grips E inside his arms, in this situation E appears to have the advantage.


But F strikes with his right arm on the inside of E's left arm, breaking his hold, and his hold being broken, lets go with his left arm as well, and brings it in front against his body, pinning the right hand of E with his left arm. Then he turns away a little, so the hand of E is squeezed, and F has the opportunity to break E's hand. As the plate shows, he suspects a legsweep from E.


For this reason he lets go of F's arm, and turns around completely, through which he achieves that E will not be able to escape a blow to the neck, although E grasps the pants of F with his right hand.


E is not too proud to bend forward under the blow of F, and F, striking with full power to the neck of E, and missing this because of E's bowing, strikes himself down through his own force.


Thus falling, F supports himself on the right hand, with which he had wanted to strike, and thus supported he quickly places the left knee to E's hindquarters, grips with his left hand the other's left foot, and pushes him over with this knee.