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N. 1. On the Hair-Pulls

This shall show us nothing else than how these grips are begun, with D grasping the hair of E between his fingers and twisting it around them, having extended his arms inside between the arms of E.


Then D pulls E backwards by the hair, turning him around, placing his elbow on his spine, which allows him to strike E on the face from behind with his other hand.


E being inconvenienced thus, still being held by the hair, D [It is not completely clear from the text who does the turning, but E already has his back towards D] turns around so that D and E are back to back, D then places his behind against the behind of E, and pulls him with great force, as a result of which E will fall over the head of D.


E being thus overturned and thrown, does not stay down, but standing up, grasps D behind the sleeve or arm, and grasps with the right hand the right wrist of D, forcing this grasped arm of D inwards, and places his left foot on the back of the right knee of D, thus forcing him to fall (though the plate does not display this fall).