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N. 1. On the Breast-Push

As in the beginning of the first part A pushes B with one hand, so in this part B will give the push on the breast of C with both hands, and places his left foot on the right foot of C. C immediately grasps B's arms or sleeves close to the armpits.


C having thus gripped B, places his left foot on the middle of B's body.


Having placed his left foot thus, C throws himself backwards, such that B, being held under the arms, and with the foot of C on his body, is forced to fall over C.


But if this technique ['greep'] used by C is known to B, feeling that C wants to fall, so B strikes his arms loose from C going over and outside C's, and grasps the foot of C, which was placed in the middle of his body, and holds it with his right hand at the toes and with his left hand at the heel of C, and so twists the foot of C as if he wants to break it to pieces, which will cause considerable pain and helplessness to C.


But against the previous we can here clearly see the counter for C, when B is, as was previously seen, twisting the leg of C. To counter this twisting, C throws his right leg on the left arm of B with such force that B loses hold with his left hand, but now B saves himself by dropping down on C and grasping C by the throat, and forces the left leg of C, of which he previously twisted the foot, over to the inside, and grabbing with the left hand the right arm of C, so C is made powerless.


C can however counter thus, by kicking the left foot of B with his right leg, and twisting his right hand free against B's thumb, so that B is forced to fall. As B falls, C grabs him by the hair and so throws him to the ground.