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On the middle grip

After the breast-push follows the middle [or waist] grip, which is shown here as follows.


C grips D with both hands around the middle. D being thus grasped by C, places his left hand on the back of C's arm, and placing his right hand on C's face with the thumb under the nose, D forces the head of C backwards, and throws his right leg around the left leg of C.


Against the previous, C can counter by throwing his left hand inside over D's arm, and turning it aside, can free his face while D maintains his hold on the right arm of C.


As D is now holding C by the arm, D twists his right hand free, and turns around and behind the right arm of C, forcing C to advance by pressing his elbow against the weak part of C's back, thus controlling his arm.


C's arm does not stay controlled for long, if he turns a little, and throws his right arm over and around the left hand of D, locking it close against his body, and by then turning with the entire body, it can happen that D's hand would be broken.


To prevent his left hand, which is now so twisted, from being broken, D grasps with the right hand the right wrist of C, and with the assistance of his now freed left hand, turns around, holding on to C's hand with both hands. In this turn C brings D's right arm on his left shoulder, pulls forward with all his strength, which causes C much pain, and offers D ample opportunity to break C's arm.


This opportunity is taken from D when C puts his left hand on D's left arm, and places his right knee on the lower back of D, thus forcing him to let go of C's arm.


This does not cause D to lose courage; having let go the right arm of C, he grabs it again with his right hand, and turns around, twisting with both hands the hand or arm of C, pulling it towards him with the right hand, and placing his left hand on C's shoulder, pushes him forward, forcing him to fall.