Asuka figure repaint

I’ve complained in the past about “crappy Chinese knockoff PVC figures”, but I feel I need to set the record straight; non-knockoff straight-from-Japan figures can also be crappy (and probably made in China too). Although it seems there are subtle differences in the area of crappiness. What you dondt often see on genuine Japanese figures are material defects, like PVC with enclosed dirt, or flaking paint of totally wrong colors. Aside from that, Japanese figures also have…

Sloppy paint, coloring outside the lines:

Poor assembly:

Glue smears, uncorrected mold lines and similar molding defects:

Sloppy paint, and bad fit of parts:

Scratches don’t count, since I bought this figure “used”. Anyway, with a bit of work:

The mold defect on the back of her head remains a little visible, I didn’t bother to do more as it’s in the back anyway

I had to cut off and re-attach her right hand.

Much repainting on her hair, which you shouldn’t notice