JAZ alarm clock

the Compagnie Industrielle de Mécanique Horlogère was founded in 1919 by Ivan Benel. One of the founders was Gustave Brandt (known from OMEGA). The original factory was located at Puteaux, Paris.

From 1941/42 (the German occupation didn’t like American Jazz) a bird was used as the logo on the dial: a “Jaseur boréal” (waxwing?). From 1967 the bird became more stylized and obtained an upturned tail. The bird logo disappeared around 1970. So the dial of this alarm clock should date from around 1967-1970, however the movement is stamped 64, so it may not be original to the alarm…

Some pictures I took while I restored this, to help me with reassembly. It was pretty rusty and dirty. Reassembly was somewhat hard with the open springs, I had to tie them together with zip ties.

“Before” pictures (as you see I use ice cube trays to sort clock parts):

“After” pictures, rust removed and serviced:

It’s quite a loud ticker, not the most ideal bedside alarm clock.