Soviet watch crystal size list

Because this information is nearly impossible to find, I’ve made a list of Soviet watch glass sizes as far as I’ve personally replaced and confirmed them as fitting. Without this information it’s often necessary to buy 2 or 3 different sizes to find the one that fits. Even with this information there is sometimes 0.2mm variation in the same model, so take these sizes as a starting point.

Watch crystal sizes are commonly listed in units of 100µm (1/10th of a millimeter) so for example size 312 is 31.2mm. The term “crystal” or “glass” is conventionally used even though the Soviet watch lenses were always acrylic.

Many common models of Zim Pobeda: crystal size = 312
Raketa “24 hour”: crystal size = 362
Raketa “College”: crystal size = 362
Raketa “Big Zero”, “Vernissage”, “Military” etc: crystal size = 352
Raketa “Cosmos”: crystal size = 352 (or 350 sometimes)
Raketa Automatic: crystal size = 324
Raketa “Jeans” and similar: crystal size = 320
Raketa “Stadium/UFO”: crystal size = 316
Raketa “Zhukov” etc: crystal size = 312
Raketa “Antimagnetic”: crystal size = 306
Various Raketa similar to the “Antimagnetic”: crystal size = 306
Raketa “Dekagon”: crystal size = 302
Raketa “Rolex”: crystal size = 302
Raketa “Kopernik”: crystal size = 300 or 302, it seems to vary
various Raketa/Svet models similar to this: crystal size = 300
(there’s an almost identical looking model with crystal size = 306)
Raketa “Goroda/Cities”: crystal size = 296
Raketa for visually impaired: crystal size = 290 (?)
Many Raketa date models like the “12”: crystal size = 282