Another Asuka figure repaint

This figure is big! Unfortunately I misplaced the “before” pictures. It wasn’t *bad* aside from some really noticeable paint smudges, anyway I decided to make it better, and this is the result:

I don’t even remember seeing this weapon in the movie (the base refers to “you can (not) redo”). Let’s walk around:

I disguised some defects on the weapon as “battle damage”:

The markings on her gloves and shoulders were a real pain. Based on the printing on the base, this is the “front” side (T&A obviously):

The gradient on her purple pants was a real pain too. This is the repaint that made me finally decide I needed gloss, satin and matte varnish. It’s too hard to match both color and glossiness with just paint.

Her hair is sculpted to look best from the “front” but otherwise I prefer this angle:

And here’s my picture set-up, showing the size of this thing: