Solti Ola I

I got this figure used at a fraction of the regular price. Of course there’s always a reason; it looks like the painter was drunk and made splatters everywhere, and a previous owner probably tried to remove some on her skirt, creating an unsightly sanding spot in the process. It’s a pity (but lucky for me…) because the figure has some very nice detailing on her musket and hair ornaments.

Seriously, Banpresto? Where was QA that day?

Unfortunately the figure doesn’t come apart, so I’ll try to carefully paint over the damaged areas because I’d rather not repaint the whole skirt….

Blouse repaint successful, looks like I found a blend for the skirt:

‘Not repainting the whole skirt’ failed 😉 Next was to redo the trim…

I call it done. I like the color scheme of Mami’s chara design, it’s not complex or gaudy but still striking and original.

Some details, before: