Deciphering Youjo Senki – bonus: Zugspitse location

According to the anime, the 203rd candidates are at the Imperial Army Zugspitze training grounds – which makes sense in the main universe since the Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany.

However, the insert map places the training ground somewhere in main-universe Hungary, which is not where the Zugspitze is at all:

(I suspect they accidentally re-used a map that was supposed to show the Dacia theater)

To compound the confusion, according to Tanya’s map, the hike takes place in the Italian Alps, a long way from both Hungary and the Zugspitse:

(It wasn’t too hard to identify because the Tullen peak is named on the map)

I find it interesting that the animators accurately reproduced a map of the Alps, even if they are off a bit in regards to the story…