Black Rock Shooter repaint

This has to be a bootleg because I bought it for 23$ but it was fairly convincing:

Black Rock Shooter animation version. I wanted this for the stunning engineering, cool base and daring pose, but they got pretty hard to find, maybe after getting a lot of hate for parts breaking, difficult assembly, and a star missing on her jacket breast.

It came in a huge box that was miraculously not crushed in transport… I didn’t really take any “before” pictures because I wanted to fix some things before assembling her – here’s the manual:

I had no breaks but I heated each part with a hair dryer until flexible before assembly – I recommend this technique; at first I worried about deformation, but people have tried to fix warped figures by heating, only to find they always revert to their original shape after a while, so I’m not too worried about the figure losing shape from heating for assembly.

I only did minor repaint on the figure to straighten the white trim on her coat and boots, on her belt, and some spillovers on the base. The base had some glossy spots so I put on several coats of matte varnish. The finish on her coat was a bit uneven too, so I gave that several coats of gloss varnish. The chains had a lot of mold flash I filed off, so I painted and drybrushed them. Most of the work was on the cannon.

The cannon most obviously identifies this as a fake, as it has big mold seams and it’s in fact not straight, though I didn’t see any obvious assembly fault so it was probably mis-designed that way. This is after trying to fill gaps and repainting, it looked even worse out of the box. Also it’s missing some texturing and grieblies.