Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi alphabet

Because I am a man of culture as well:

the number assignment is fairly conjectural

There isn’t much on-screen text, and most of it is phonetic Japanese so it’s doubtful that Q will appear in a future episode.

There appear to be 2 fonts; one with lines of uniform thickness, and another with fat vertical lines, and some other minor differences between them. I’ve used a single table combining examples of both, for lack of enough clear examples of each.

update: episode 8

I was confused by the letters on the magic circles being in groups of three, which obscures the meaning. Eve’s circle says “there is no time like the present”.

Episode 8 confirmed the “V” in Eve-Ries, or “IVU – RIーSU” as it’s rendered in psuedo-katakana spelling. Also, while the tavern menu is hard to read, the “P” in potatoes is also confirmed.

Better readable confirmation of “P” in episode 9:

Finally episode 12 of the first season.

The scene where Kearu visits Karman’s grave was sad and emotional – until I read what was written on the headstones:

The kingdom apparently uses exactly the same wanted poster for everyone, with just a different drawing: