2B rework

I randomly bought this figure because it was cheap and looked like it would be fun to repaint:

Apparently she’s a character from a game about existentialist robots in search of Hamlet puns and the perfect ass. Or something like that.

The finish is fairly shitty. It looks like she’s supposed to have a “cast-off” top to display her with tits out, but Chinese counterfeiters seem to hate that and always glue everything down. I guess because Communism.

I think this is supposed to be a one-piece dress but the top is much wider. This will have to be corrected. She was obviously supposed to come apart to remove her skirt and display her with her ass… even more visible? But again, glue.

I have no idea what they intended with the crap on her boots but it looks awful. And those greenish things? Reference pics suggest they’re supposed to be black nylons. Fail! The underside of her skirt should be white I think.

The glue didn’t budge so I had to cut her apart.

Some of the smaller parts did come apart willingly with a little persuasion:

I could probably use more persuasion but I think this is good enough to facilitate a repaint.

Without skirt she would look about like this:

Seems to be some vague design on the front of her leotard? Probably the top part of her lower back was not supposed to be painted white.

The most annoying feature of this figure is the way they “painted” her mouth, looks like someone just drew a crooked line with a marker, even though the sculpt does have lips:

Usually I would scrape off unwanted paint, but not wanting to damage her face I decided to try something new and use glue remover on the paint. It worked:

I tested on her leg first. I immediately rinsed in water – in case the chemical would affect the pvc – but saw no evidence of that.

The base came apart with a bit of prying. I think of spray-painting the bottom plate uniform black, no idea why it is the way it is:

The “head” and “leg” shouldn’t differ so much in color I think, and the “eyes” look like jar covers…

Not a fan of this guy’s eyes, so although it’s probably not canon I decided to drill them out. I have some clear green plastic 6mm BBs that I think will work much better:

Fist clean up the borders, as they’re not very circular:

If this wasn’t just the base of the actual figure, I’d cut off those eye rims and remake them from scratch, they are not as circular as I would like:

This was fairly easy, no fine detail, so I could do it even while exhausted. I do think it looks better than it was out of the box. I enjoyed adding that rust.

I taped bits of aluminum foil behind the eyes so they reflect the light, but this doesn’t show well in these photos.

Next challenge was to go from the state on the left to something resembling the right:

I think this is about as close as I will get:

Time for some final polishing, then into the bath to clean off the debris and prepare for painting…

After the rework:

She smol: