Overlord alphabet (updated for S4)

updated for season 4

I didn’t think I was going to be able to decipher the alphabet in Overlord because there was very little on-screen text whose meaning could be guessed. That is, until episode 6 of season 3 showed the sign of the establishment known to be called “Singing Apple”:

Most of the on-screen text was clearly English, so the rest of the alphabet was easily deciphered from the Adventurer’s Guild notice board:

Fuzzy mystery character, might be a squashed ‘h’

Only some background text appears to be gibberish:

Fuzzy mystery character – could be a number

Scrolls appear to be recycled text:

The rest of the characters were identified from the legends on a few maps:

All the text in every magic circles seems to be “firewall”.

There is some text that appears to be in other alphabets, such as on the coins:

and in Eight Fingers’ ransom letter:

There’s no clear frame of the Eight Fingers’ logo, but from what is visible it seems the text on it is all gibberish:

The season IV opening has some text that is mostly romanized Japanese names, unfortunately partially obscured, but surprisingly offers the first clear and unambiguous example of “X”: