Tate no Yuusha no nariagari alphabet

season 1 to 3

The anime uses a number of different alphabets, but I think only one of them is “real” – the one appearing on maps, some shop signs, and royal decrees. There seems to be only one case used, and numbers have appeared only in season 3.

The other “alphabets” are;

  • Some kind of petroglyphs:
  • Some kind of cursive scripts that look nothing alike:
  • A blocky script (or two) in the weapons’ shop signs and on the bottles at the apothecary, could be related to the petroglyphs but the example are too fuzzy to tell:
the text on the right is apparently recycled from the guest house sign
  • A script of vertical strokes that vaguely resembles Ogham, usually mixed with the “real” alphabet and another blocky alphabet that may or may not be the same as in the shop signs. Note that the “pseudo-Ogham” strokes are either all above or all below the line, but it can switch on the same page:
Note ‘M’ in “material” is mirrored

As for the real alphabet, I was able to decipher the following:

From season 3, finally a decent view of J K and Q, X is still fuzzy:

Also from season 3, some numbers have appeared:

And a handwritten version of the script: