Kino Makoto repaint

This figure of my second favorite senshi was liberally covered in spilled glue. I got the glue off eventually,  but some paint was damaged in the process. My green paint…

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Black Rock Shooter repaint

This has to be a bootleg because I bought it for 23$ but it was fairly convincing: Black Rock Shooter animation version. I wanted this for the stunning engineering, cool…

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Rome 2000 – at night

I was there for a conference, so the first couple of days I only saw Rome at dusk and during the night. I should have brought a tripod. Nightfall on…

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Making a plywood stock (tutorial)

Someone asked me to describe my process for the plywood stocks I made for airsoft rifles. I’m not in any sense an expert on this, so I thought it best…

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WTF Taito Figure

Sometimes we come across mindbogglingly poor design choices. I got this used Shirai Kuroko figure for $6.38. They apparently thought skinny little Kuroko needed a huge base, 2 retaining pins…

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Rome 2000 – Pantheon

The largest un-reinforced concrete dome on Earth. I made a few visits at different times of day, there always seemed to be something going on. this is the rear side…

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Rome 2000 – Aula Ottagona

This was part of the therms of Diocletian. It housed miscellaneous sculptures including two famous bronzes from the therms of Constantine.

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