Another Bulma repaint

In the same "Glitter and Glamours" series as that Lunch figure came this big Bulma. I'm not as thrilled about the engineering of this one; they made her left leg…

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Lunch figure (re)paint

Recently I'm noticing an interesting evolution in PVC figures, where it seems much attention is placed on cutting down painting effort, by designing the figure to break down into single-color…

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Bulma figure repaint

This poor knock-off of a Banpresto Bulma holding her Dragonball detector has some interesting detailing so I thought it would be fun to repaint, but the mold quality was quite…

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Soviet watch crystal size list

Because this information is nearly impossible to find, I've made a list of Soviet watch glass sizes as far as I've personally replaced and confirmed them as fitting. Without this…

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QPosket Maleficent figure

For something completely different, I picked up a cute super-deformed figure of my favorite Disney princess. Hahaha! The QPosket figure is put together rather sloppily and the plastic and mold…

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Fixing stuff is fun

There's something very satisfying about taking an old item that was discarded as broken and restoring it to a working condition.

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Zim “Pobeba” 2602 movement

Some reference pictures I took while cleaning this poor dirty movement. It has the old-style transmission wheel boss with 2 screws instead of one left-turning screw. It belonged to this…

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Izetta figure repaint

The eponymous witch from Izetta, Die Letzte Hexe doesn't fly on a broom, but rather opts for a Lahti L39 anti-tank rifle. This was a cheap prize figure, but because…

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