Rikka figure re-repaint

This Rikka figure was the first pvc figure I tried to repair some shipping damage on, but I didn’t match the color very well and it left her unevenly shiny. so I was planning to put some varnish coats on her, but ended up repainting half the figure again.

This is how she came in the mail:

And after the initial repaint:

And now. Vallejo’s matte varnish isn’t actually matte it seems, so her jacket is far more glossy than I’d like. I’ll have to try a different brand. At least now it’s evenly glossy…

I did some drybrushing on her pistol, and painted the backstrap

The damage on her right arm is still vaguely visible when the light catches it…

Her lower body is mostly unchanged. The pvc of her legs seems to have some dirt inclusions that I couldn’t scrape away so I didn’t want to bother too much.

I tried some fancy paint layering on her hair which turned out interesting.

The hair looks almost metallic from certain angles but it’s just 50 shades of regular blue.

Please direct your attention to her roller shoes:

I also did do some shading on her umbrella holster.