“Maou Gakuin” alphabet

Summer 2020 brought us the anime “Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha” with another funky on-screen alphabet. By episode 6 I’d seen enough samples to confirm that it is an actual Roman-style alphabet and the on-screen text usually means something in English or Japanese.

There’s a decimal number system and two scripts, one curly “written” script and a blocky “print” script for signs. There seems to be no upper/lower case.

Including the random floating characters in the opening animation, enough glyphs appeared on-screen to constitute a full alphabet. I was able to identify all but 2 of the glyphs (?² and ?³), which by elimination can only be Q and X. I’ve not looked at all the magic circles, the ones I checked unfortunately seem mostly gibberish. Same for the floating characters in the opening animation. If we assume the magic circles are generated by random keystrokes on a standard Japanese keyboard then based on the sequences BVC?²WET and AZ?³CV, I think ?³ is probably X so ?² would be Q.

Characters in red were not conclusively identified

The magic circles appear mostly random text like this:

Deciphered texts:

the subtitles’ “wind of sun” was not helpful
Misha’s envelope was the initial key to decode the alphabet
If first class was in D.K.C.7 I assume 1993th class means the year is D.K.C.1999 now.
Demon King Calendar?
the other students’ badge text is the same
the numbers 0-11 (they have a 12 hour day apparently)
Thanks to the dialogue
Also thanks to the dialogue

Episode 9 has some more text and revealed ‘J’:

this lazy teacher basically reads from a teleprompter with her back to the class

This blackboard provides us the ‘J’ in “jidai”, I didn’t bother to transcribe the rest since the other unknowns don’t appear (Q and X would not turn up in Romanized Hiragana) and the fuzziness strains the eyes.

this was hard to read
the subheading is some random gibberish apparently

Not much additional text in season 2: