Raketa 2627 (automatic)

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Along with some other watch I bought, I received a 2627 movement in need of service as a free gift. After I repaired it, I bought a frankensteined Raketa Automatic…

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Soviet watch crystal size list

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Because this information is nearly impossible to find, I've made a list of Soviet watch glass sizes as far as I've personally replaced and confirmed them as fitting. Without this…

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Zim “Pobeba” 2602 movement

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Some reference pictures I took while cleaning this poor dirty movement. It has the old-style transmission wheel boss with 2 screws instead of one left-turning screw. It belonged to this…

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The elusive Raketa 2609.H

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I came into possession of a Raketa 2609.H - 19 jewel (assuming it's not a frankenwatch with just a 2609.H bridge). There seems to be next to no information available…

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