The elusive Raketa 2609.H

I came into possession of a Raketa 2609.H – 19 jewel (assuming it’s not a frankenwatch with just a 2609.H bridge). There seems to be next to no information available on this version. It has some peculiar features.

The 2609.H looks sort of like the 2609.HA. The edges are beveled all around:

It seems to tick along well, Unfortunately I only have the movement and a dial, the movement is missing a winding stem…

The mainspring bridge is jeweled, but the mainspring pivot hole in the plate is not.

The keyless works have a cover with 2 screws rather than being held in place by tabs like on the 2609.HA.

Also the setting lever and the stem release button are two distinct parts, instead of one whole like on the 2609.HA.

The underside of the dial has a brass inset of sorts above the keyless works, and a recessed section in the center.

the dial is fairly dirty at the moment

Most puzzling of all is that the stem of a 2609.HA or 2609.A doesn’t fit the 2609.H. The hole that should take the end of the stem appears to be too narrow, or something is stuck in there I can’t see…