Raketa 2627 (automatic)

Along with some other watch I bought, I received a 2627 movement in need of service as a free gift. After I repaired it, I bought a frankensteined Raketa Automatic that was sold with the wrong movement, so all ended up well.

The Raketa Automatic comes in this type of case, the crystal size is 32.4mm:

They have this distinctive screw-down back:

In typical Raketa fashion, the movement turned out to be straightforward to service. The parts fall together almost by themselves, with just a couple of gotchas.

The rotor simply screws on with one obvious screw:

One gotcha is that the auto-winding mechanism covers one of the movement retention ring screws, so on assembly, the retention ring must be installed before the mechanism:

Retention ring screws indicated:

The winding mechanism attaches to the mechanism with 3 screws, 2 on the unique center bridge and one on the mainspring bridge:

As can be expected from this, the base plate is identical to the Raketa 2628:

The movement doesn’t rely on the rotor for winding but can be hand-wound as well. It’s basically a 2628 with a rotor added on top.

This is the winding mechanism:

There are a scary number of jewels, but the axles are quite robust and everything falls together easily. This bridge is held on by 2 small screws, the big screw holds a click spring and it’s not necessary to remove it to lift off the bridge:

Before and after cleaning 🙂

Under the bridge are 4 wheels and a click. The click spring is fixed, but the click itself may try to escape on disassembly. Assembly is almost self-evident. Three of the wheels have “wheels within wheels”, it should be possible to take them apart further.

I didn’t attempt to take apart the wheels at this point, since I couldn’t find any information on how to reassemble them, and everything works well enough now. The rotor spins smoothly and without a sound.