Another Bulma repaint

In the same “Glitter and Glamours” series as that Lunch figure came this big Bulma. I’m not as thrilled about the engineering of this one; they made her left leg so she needs the base under her foot to stand straight, even though the figure could stand without support. Her right arm has a parts joint at the elbow, which doesn’t look good and I think they could have done this at the wrist. Her SMG is rather warped too. Some say you can straighten warped PVC with heat, but I think this doesn’t really work on parts that were warped to begin with – with time they always seem to revert to their warped shape again.

Here is the figure taken apart and being prepared for painting:

There’s also a lot of leftover mold flash, at least they didn’t paint over it, since most of the figure is colored PVC instead of painted. They did smudge paint on her face :

Otherwise the sculpt has some good detail that makes for a fun paint, wash and drybrush. I wanted her hair color to match the other Bulma but in the end it turned out a bit more greenish: