Rem and Ram figures

I noticed these on sale and they looked like the base would be fun to paint. However the white trim on the maid uniforms was painted very badly, and repainting the trim nearly destroyed most of my limited sanity.

The Ram figure wasn’t too bad so I mainly just cleaned up seams, puttied her hair and repainted most of it. I also painted a wet spot on the floor under her mop.

Rem on the other hand had glue spilled on various parts of her body and her skirt was somehow misshapen, so I cut her apart. These figures are not supposed to be glued together, but as we know the Chinese don’t seem to like the “cast-off” feature…

So apparently she has some nice lace panties (I assume Ram has too but didn’t check). Because the skirt didn’t look like it could be salvaged and I couldn’t stand to repaint any more white trim, I just went with the bottomless look. I did some fancy shading on the hair but it probably doesn’t really show in the photos.