Another C18 repaint

DragonBall figures are plentiful and cheap, it’s really quite unfair that a 30 year old franchise still gets new merchandise today while some of my favorite series never even got a single decent figure…

Anyway, this looked fun for a 9$ figure. Her hair and left leg were crooked. On the plus side I found the assembly person didn’t use excessive amounts of superglue for once. Thank you assembly person!

So she came apart with some gentle and some not so gentle persuasion. In the DBZ universe this would be quite a feat.

The reason her leg didn’t fit properly was probably this mold flash:

They didn’t paint the inside of her skirt, which looks sloppy:

The RR logo is on quite crooked:

For some reason her jacket lacks buttons. It’s like the sculptor was planning to add them on the mold and then forgot…

Those eyes kind of look hand-painted don’t they? She has only one ear, here I already sliced off the sorry earring blob.  I like how they did her lips.

At this point was considering discarding her jacket rather than adding buttons to it and fixing the RR logo…

So I went for the post-Vegeta battle look.

After repaint:

I added some lame background  photo-shopping: