Kino Makoto repaint

This figure of my second favorite senshi was liberally covered in spilled glue. I got the glue off eventually,  but some paint was damaged in the process.

My green paint turned out to lack covering power, and the green I hand-mixed wasn’t any better, so I decided to reset because there were too many layers of green. Fortunately acrylic paint is “easily” removed with rubbing alcohol (it’s actually fairly messy and takes several passes with alcohol-soaked q tips and stiff paintbrushes to get all traces off).

It’s been taking a lot more effort than I expected so I used the opportunity to make her extra shiny and pearlescent.

In the end I repainted her almost completely. Aside from the spilled glue damage I thought her colors were too dull. Her hair was kind of drab and her ribbons had the color of overripe peach or something.

I mixed Vallejo metal medium with the white of her suit and gloves, the pink of her ribbons and the blue of her ponytail thing for the pearlescent effect. I did a lot of washes and drybrushing on her ribbons and hair.

I put gloss varnish on her lightning, and on everything green. And satin varnish on most of the rest. It seemed like a good idea.

I put three coats of floor wax on her base. The base looks cool but the shape is rather impractical.

Mako-chan is really tall and huggable! (except she would zap you)