Tanya Degurechaff figure (with modifications)

“It’s a little early, but this will make a perfect Christmas present to myself”

This is the “Pop Up Parade” Tanya figure that came out recently – finally a reasonably priced figure, and it even includes the Mondragón rifle rather than the usual SIG MKMS. The figure comes with an optional crazy face.

official image

It did have some issues I thought needed fixing. Most jarringly, the trigger guard of the rifle is filled in, so I drilled it out a bit to look slightly less awful:

The rifle also lacked the butt plate and some other details, and looked overall very plasticky, so I repainted it to look a bit more realistic. Her boots were also high-gloss and plasticky, with unpainted metal details. The Silver Wings badge lacked the blue enamel, and her Major rank epaulets didn’t have the Waffenfarbe, so I fixed these too:

There’s a pin in the palm of her left hand that goes into a hole on the rifle, but the fit doesn’t seem very good, at least on this one. So it doesn’t really look like her hand is supporting the rifle. It’s in the back, so it doesn’t stand out too much.