Luna Nova clocks

There are some interesting “zulu time” clocks in Little Witch Academia. This one is in the Luna Nova library in the Enchanted Parade:

But something puzzles me; the top half, with a sun on a light background, has the hours from 18 to 6, while the bottom half, with a moon on a dark background, has the hours from 6 to 18. It also shows the time to be 11:40 even though the preceding scene implies night. Logically noon should be at the top, which would make the time close to midnight. Like:

This is the outdoor clock from episode 13. It’s unambiguously midnight, yet midnight is in the “day” half of the clock face:

Also, If the small ticks are minute marks, there are 64 minutes per hour in this universe. For our world it should probably look like:

There’s a different clock in Ursula’s office from episode 23:

Another 24 hour clock, midnight at the top and noon at bottom, with day and night divisions matching the hours. Slightly different face decoration, and different numbering, from the clocks seen in episode 13 and in the enchanted parade, which were pretty much identical. The clock housing looks Luna-Nova-themed. There are 120 minute marks so presumably the minute hand goes round in 2 hours, which is unusual and hard to read. Time is 18 minutes to 3 pm.

I tweaked the design a little and came up with this:

In retrospect I should have used larger ticks for every fifth minute, as it is the minutes are hard to read…