QPosket Maleficent figure

For something completely different, I picked up a cute super-deformed figure of my favorite Disney princess.


The QPosket figure is put together rather sloppily and the plastic and mold quality looks mediocre. It’s highly likely that this was a bootleg because it only vaguely resembles the Banpresto figure. The main issues were huge gaps at her shoulders and the parts of her head and her staff being crooked. I filled the gaps with Milliput and wrapped her staff with adhesive tape (which I later covered with Vallejo plastic putty). The orb on top of the staff looked like a wrinkled pea so I cut it off and replaced it with a pearl cut off a Xmas garland.

The paint job was also sloppy, and some of the colors were glossy and garish. The decals for her eyes were disintegrating, so I ended up repainting them by hand.

It’s always good to have a handle on the thing you are painting

I used purple mixed with Vallejo metal medium for her collar and inner sleeves, which I tried to match to the color of her eye shadow. I dry-brushed some gunmetal blue on her horns, and some silver on the relief of the display base – as usual, dry-brushing doesn’t really show on photos. I used gold paint for her irises, and ended up repainting all of her skin because there were some black smudges on her face, and her nail polish was all over the place.

spot the fake