Oshino Shinobu repaint

Again, no “before” pictures unfortunately.

For what I paid for it I was quite pleased with this figure. She came with 2 faces, so the hair is removable and the hat keeps on with a little magnet. This was a good thing because the hair looked like it had fallen in a sandbox while the paint was still wet. I completely sanded and repainted the hair, which was hard because there’s a subtle gradient from lemon yellow to orange, and my yellow paint turned out to be less opaque than I had hoped.

I sanded the most obvious mold seams on her dress and repainted that as well, and the ribbon on her hat didn’t have enough paint either, and then I dark-washed and dry-brushed the hat (which you shouldn’t notice if I did it well).

That bracelet is actually separate from her arm, which is a wonderful thing.

The base comes with Araragi’s shadow 😉 I also repainted her foot support as it was a bit chipped. It’s probably easier to say that I didn’t repaint her donut nor the donut box….

I chose the shifty-eyed face because open-mouthed faces always look a bit dorky.

She’s wearing plain white panties, if you must know…

Technically, her donut box should look like:

I’m quite certain this is a completely sane and reasonable way to spend an evening…

Note that this is the Monogatari universe Mister Donut, so the logo is supposed to be like this. The box length is 40 mm long. Assembly should be pretty self-explanatory

the linked image should be about the right scale, if you print it at 100%