WTF Taito Figure

Sometimes we come across mindbogglingly poor design choices. I got this used Shirai Kuroko figure for $6.38. They apparently thought skinny little Kuroko needed a huge base, 2 retaining pins in each foot, and an ugly support strut.

She does tend to tilt forward, but I think this is because the support pins on the base are too wide apart for this sculpt, putting tension on her legs that makes her lean forward. So they could have fixed this in a less ugly way.

It’s a pity because I think the pose captures her character well. But I see no excuse for the forking HUGE base for such a small, light figure.

So I smashed that base and glued the pieces on another base, puttied, painted, and drybrushed for effect.

Now she stands up straight on the rubble (of something she or Misaka probably destroyed)…

I only did minor touch-up on the figure itself. Some sanding on her left knee, some white paint on her socks, blouse and panties, and fixed some paint damage on her shoes.

And I put matte varnish on her clothes and gloss on her shoes to even out the finish.

I think this base gives the figure a lot more weight and presence compared to how it came.

Obligatory pervert shot – I mean, focus on the improved knee: