Izetta figure repaint

The eponymous witch from Izetta, Die Letzte Hexe doesn’t fly on a broom, but rather opts for a Lahti L39 anti-tank rifle. This was a cheap prize figure, but because of the rifle she made an interesting addition to my “girls with guns” shelf.

my only “before” picture

I didn’t like the way they randomly sprayed some blue paint on – a much too dark blue for “die Weisse Hexe von Eylstadt.” Probably the figure was vaguely based on this artwork (though the rifle here is the PTRS-41) and they didn’t understand the blue as shading on a white garment:

I also didn’t like how they went lazy on the muzzle brake and left it a solid blob, so the first thing I did was drill it out:

I removed the blue paint on her dress and considered leaving it at that, but ended up repainting it completely anyway, because I wanted to try and do some blue shading *properly*. Most of the fun was in painting the rifle though, obviously: