Lunch figure (re)paint

Recently I’m noticing an interesting evolution in PVC figures, where it seems much attention is placed on cutting down painting effort, by designing the figure to break down into single-color parts that are molded directly in PVC of the intended color. Along with avoiding the paint step, they also skip the practice of randomly waving an airbrush in the general direction of the figure. So we get more figures with flat uniform colors that are not painted but plain colored PVC.

What makes this a step forward in my view is that they seem to compensate for the flat colors by adding more detail in the sculpts. Now if only they’d sell the disassembled parts so I wouldn’t have to behead figures anymore for repaint…

Anyway, this is Lunch from the “Glitter and Glamours” figure series. For less than $10 it’s a large figure at 25cm, and she has a lot of detail, from her trademark red shoes to the Uzi-like submachinegun, the 1911 in her holster, the M26 frag, and her elaborate curls. She came with a support but can stand well enough without. A bit of paint and drybrushing really brings out the details: